An home delivery

An Happy man

It was dark and quiet. A slight fishy smell was perceived on the nose. A rustle in the distance like when the sea beats on the shoreline. It was a beautiful evening. Gino, like every evening, was there, ready on his white Vespa, with a bright smile on his face and proud of himself. The wind lifts and moves its curly curls. At a certain point a man approaches, gives him a package and tells him Piazzale Dante 26. He replies, yes sir! He puts the package in the trunk, starts his Vespa with a sharp blow to the pedal. A burst and a strong discharge of gasoline comes out of the exhaust pipe. Gino breathes intensely, loves that strong smell of burnt mixed petrol with a background of the sea, makes him feel alive. He takes off on the twenty-fourth of May, and goes down fast, darting through the few cars he encounters. As he travels his way, he thinks of his children Pino and Matilde, who are about to go to bed at the moment. Then he bends over the wasp with a gentle movement, as if he were cradling his children. Arriving at the square, he stops, takes the package and heads for number 26. A beautiful family home. Drin Drin! A woman answers the intercom telling him to enter in. Gino enters, the woman asks him: Do you want something? Shall I make you a coffee? Gino replies, Thanks lady but I never drink coffee in the evening! So get a cookie I just made them! the woman reiterates. Gino takes a biscuit, they say goodbye and returns to his Vespa. As he returns, he finishes the last piece of the biscuit and thinks… Ho my god how good are these biscuits! and smiles.

A busy girl

At the same time, somewhere else, a little further but not too far, Alessia, a woman with all her hair shaved, a nice tattoo that comes out of her white T-shirt, is there waiting for something. There is no smell all covered by the smog of the big city. While waiting, he looks at his smartphone, answers a message, when suddenly he hears the number 16. He jumps up and suddenly turns, takes a few steps and heads towards the restaurant entrance. Come in and say Here I am! A parcel is given to him. He takes it and heads for his new electric bike. Hop on, attach the smartphone to the handlebar and start browsing which shows him where to go for package delivery. Then it rushes through the traffic, heavy traffic at that hour. It is found in the midst of machines and scooters that go beyond her and make fur continuously. During the journey she doesn’t think at anything, she can’t wait to make the last delivery, the evening ends and she can finally go home. Be careful where you go! the scream of a taxi driver. Alessia nervously replies Idiot, a little respect for cyclists! Finally at the delivery point, he reads the name on the smartphone, rings the intercom. Someone replies saying inside 6 staircase 2 third floor. Then attach her new bike to a pole, travel the way as if it were a maze. Arrived, she sees a very silent man, he was there waiting for her. Alessia delivers the package and greets him. The man returns the greeting and immediately closes the door. Alessia going out thinks that sad man…An insensible drone

An insensible drone

In the same instant of time, somewhere else, much further away, a drone is there, still, the wind does not scratch it, it does not move, it is also waiting. There is a metallic smell in the air. When all of a sudden a package rolls off a conveyor belt and hooks to the drone. Immediately afterwards,is heard Bip Bip followed by Sfruet Sfruet. The propellers start spinning with perfect synchrony, a slight hum is heard. The drone begins to rise from the ground with the packet attached below. Fly fast and look up at the city, and think … ha no! can not think! He goes towards something, he doesn’t know what, for him the position x. Once arrived, it descends slowly until it lands. A series of checks and a message starts from his soul depth. He is waiting. At a certain point a girl with golden ringlets approaches her, caresses him … Not exactly she puts her hand down so that the dorne recognizes her. The drone greets her cordially* Buonasera Marta* and gives her the package. The girl takes her package and runs away without saying goodbye. Poor drone, a little sad … Ha no! true can not be sad! Restart its propellers and return to base.

Last modified: 28 May 2020