Send To Kindle Mobile the story

Today I want to tell you a story, the story of my creation and the project that has brought me more success and satisfaction to date.

Let’s start from the dawn

I was born and especially raised in the digital age and I have always been in contact with technology. Unfortunately I have never had an excellent relationship with books, I believe and I hope to be able to catch up in the future. This bad relationship with books, however, has led me to the success I’m about to tell you. A long time ago, being frustrated by the fact that I wasn’t reading enough, I decided to buy a Kindle thinking that would give me new reading opportunities.

The Kindle indeed gave me different satisfactions, I have read several books but my main use has always been to read online articles retrieved from the web. I used to read programming, technology, science and math articles. Yes, as you have already understood, I am not a writer and least of all a philosopher, I write because I like it but I don’t think I can do it well as I haven’t studied subjects related to writing.

Ok, I’m too long-winded now! But why did I tell you this story? Why was the Kindle the cornerstone of my success? Since I appreciated its skills so much, I decided to recommend it to many of my friends and relatives. I also recommended it to a close colleague of mine, with whom we often given each other suggestions on how to get the most out of the kindle. The app that we used most was a smartphone app that allowed us to send items to the kindle. One day this app stopped working and disappeared from the store in a mysterious and unknown way. There were other apps in the store that did this, but they didn’t work very well and some of them weren’t free. My colleague and I were somewhat frustrated by this.

My colleague

One day my colleague tells me: why don’t you make the app to send content to the kindle? I thought about it for a moment, I wasn’t sure from where to start, but then I said to myself: I’m a programmer and I have the basics … I can do it! This is how Send To Kindle was born. Today I owe a lot to my dear colleague and to his question.

When I released the first version of the app, it was very spartan, I implemented it for myself, my friends/relatives and especially for my colleague. I did not believe and I could never imagine that today, one year after its creation, I would have reached more than 70,000 installations worldwide and this number grows daily.

What have we learned?

This app made me grow in a short time and made me understand many things that I want to summarize and share with you:

  1. If don’t try, you don’t succeed

Sometimes we think about it too much or we wait for perfection before releasing something. Instead, in many cases, it is better to throw it there and then if it works we are always in time to update it and add new features.

  1. The more you do/work on it and the more chances you have to succeed

  2. If you succeed you have to run like crazy

  3. It is Impossible to satisfy everyone

Even if you have thought and worked to the smallest details, once your app or your site begin to mesh and populates with users, your problems will begin and that’s where you have to do your best in order not to lose your users.

  1. It is Impossible to satisfy everyone

Every user has his own needs and it is not possible to make a generic product that will satisfy everyone.

  1. Don’t follow too much and evaluate user requests well

I tried it on my skin, users may never be satisfied! An example, Send To Kindle in the first period only used to send articles. All the negative reviews said: the app doesn’t send documents/files. So I implemented the sending of documents which cost me time and money. Now, what do you think users say? Some are satisfied but many others always put a star and say: it doesn’t send files larger than 25 mb. In your opinion, if I ever increase this limit what will they say?

  1. Do many frequent releases

  2. Even if one day everything goes well, always think that the next day everything will be st**

  3. Pay attention to the answers given to customers

  4. Always be updated with the moves of your competitors

  5. Continue to update and innovate

Final considerations

I am aware of the fact that Send To Kindle is not an unusual invention or an innovation. In fact, I did not invent something completely new, I improved something that was already there with new technologies and I made it more efficient. I think my strong point is that I made the mobile service accessible. Sometimes it takes little to be successful, you just need to be better than your competitors. Certainly, a lot of effort and a lot of work are needed to do it. Congratulations if you’ve read this far!!! if you haven’t done it yet, download Send To Kindle, and send this article or other articles to you kindle! Have a better reading and relaxing experience!

Last modified: 22 May 2020